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The Founders, Bill Althouse, Iginia Boccalandro, John Long, Yamie Lucero and 100s of volunteer community members, through Fat Pig Society, have helped create a two acre, $1Million revenue micro “demonstration” operation of the proposed coop model in Fort Collins.

Why fat pig? Because when our founders reached out to small organic farmers offering the same opportunity six years ago, nobody was willing to come to the table, out of fear over hemp’s regulation. We knew we could radically help farmers, but they did not want us to help. Bill then told a story to our founders about trying to help a pig farmer in Micronesia who did not want help. After a 6 month long process of doing all the pig farmers work, which was hunting and gathering pig food from the jungle by hand, he finally got the farmers trust and permission to change the feed for one pig.

This pig was kept separate and near another pig from the same litter using the farmers original feed. Six months later the farmers pig was still under 75lbs but Bill’s was over 250lbs. One day the farmer, comparing the two pigs, said “Wow, that’s a fat pig”. Now, finally, he was excited to have help. Our founders decided we also needed a very Fat Pig to prove to farmers the potential of CBD hemp. The Fat Pig Society was born

The founders of Fat Pig are most proud that the development of our Fat Pig model was done without capital and was focused on giving away free CBD to everyone who helped us. All labor, including our founders, was volunteer, making human capital the major source of financing. Everyone who helped us got all their CBD for free and the high prices of CBD from other sources brought 100s of volunteers to our mission. The Free Hemp brought us other supporters like our bookkeeper and mechanics to keep us moving. Then people who were not close enough to help us directly started asking how they can get free CBD. We then developed our Agents of Change network that gave free CBD to those who help us distribute around the country. Now those people who sell our CBD to get theirs free are sending close to $1million per year to us. As unbelievable as it sounds, we created a very Fat Pig in a matriarchal approach that says “who gives away more wins”, instead of the patriarchal “who gets more wins.” We proved that basing an enterprise on a Gifting model is actually possible. We also give away a lot of CBD to anyone who is unable to help us and cannot afford it.


Holistic health, prosperity & wellness

Regenerative soil practices

Organic, whole plant, clean product

Mutual care and concern

Valuing and empowering farmers


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