As a child I suffered a lot of trauma emotionally and physically which resulted in PTSD, anxiety, depression, an auto immune disease called fibromyalgia and restless leg syndrome.

I was introduced to the Fat Pig Society farm CBD five years ago and after many years of trying alternative therapies as well as western medicines I found immediate results with this CBD. My inflammation went down and I was able to resume a life which included exercise finally. I use CBD every day. I feel it makes a huge impact on my nervous system.

When I have a headache or my legs feel on fire I rub it on and within a few minutes it is greatly improved. I eat it and cook with it and believe it helps my intestinal track and flora. I am healthier on CBD then I have been for years. This CBD oil is a remarkable product with no bad side effects. I love all the Free Hemp products. I eat the coconut oil with 2500 mg of CBD twice a day. I love the texture of the body cream and use it every day, the facial CBD oil smells wonderful and helps illuminate wrinkles, the lip balm moisturizes very well and nothing feels better than to bathe in their CBD bath Fizzie salts. I believe that many people could benefit from CBD.

Initially I was leery of trying CBD because I falsely related it to being marijuana. I had never really liked the effects of marijuana. This was a false assumption CBD is not marijuana. CBD comes from a medicinal hemp plant with no mind altering effects.

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