In order to fulfill on its promises to provide up to 20 small organic hemp farmers with $100K incomes from 2020’s harvest, Fat Pig Society is taking on the responsibility of attempting to increase its retail and bulk sales to match this growth. 2020’s proposed increase represents 10-20x increase over FPS’ 2019 sales volumes and revenue.

Bill shared his ideas about how FPS would increase its capacity this year.

Bill envisions a strategy combining: 1) an expansion and upgrade to the Agents of Change (AOC) sales model, 2) engaging ethical LOHAS “influencers” on social media to promote Fat Pig Society’s product line, 3) gaining “earned media” from news and magazine outlets, 4) crowdfunding.

Fat Pig Society has conducted all its sales thus far from word of mouth, through bulk buyers and retail direct consumer-to-consumer sales (AOCs) without an online presence.

The AOC model could be built up and reorganized. Fat Pig Society intends to develop a website for its product in early 2020.

Social media  “influencers” whose values are ethics and integrity, and who promote LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) sector products, cannot just be “bought” by any brand. The brands they promote have to earn the influencer’s approval through demonstrating their ethical practices and identity. Fat Pig Society would approach such influencers to promote their product.

The best quality and greatest priced organic CBD is the product, but instead of marketing a product, the focus will be recruiting supporters to our mission  of “helping save family farms” by their purchase. Bill envisions a crowdfunding campaign offering presales of jars (similar to a CSA model, where a farm’s products are presold direct to customers).

This project is “in a good position to get earned media” with its dedicated mission of saving family farms through CBD. 

These methods have the potential to skyrocket clientele, but only if FPS has internal systems and capacity to deliver on that many sales effectively, without lost or dissatisfied customers. However, this represents a significant increase and improvement to FPS’ sales capacities this year, and farmers should know the risks before getting involved.

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