We intend to accomplish our mission through eventually offering our existing “fat pig” model (a demonstration of the economic potential possible through vertical integration) to become owned and controlled by a future independent producer-owned cooperative that we refer to as “Colorado Organic Farmers” or “COF.” Through our best efforts, COF would gradually be incubated from this initial group of farmers coming together around this unique offer.

By expanding our vertically integrated operations for up to 20 farmers in 2020, we are “seeding” COF. As COF is just barely in its exploration phase, it has not yet undertaken any independent fundraising activities whatsoever. Rather, FPS is pleased to offer its surplus financial resources (generated by our “fat pig” model) to help offset early-stage costs to COF’s development.

FPS’ full scope of support to a future COF:

  1. Certified Organic Clones that will not break .3% THC at no upfront cost (see below)
  2. I.P., business plan and business model contents, and support with market and related research*
  3. Education, training and information about growing organic hemp for CBD
  4. Various helpful connections with ethical/organic hemp industry resources
  5. Outside technical assistance co-op development services (until USDA allows the Cooperative Development Center at Rocky Mountain Farmers Union to use Federally Funded Staff to be the third party neutral overseer of COF formation)

“THE FAT PIG”: On less than two acres of farmland near downtown Fort Collins, FPS is generating well over a million dollars of CBD products through our value-added, farmer-owned production model. For over a decade, FPS has leveraged the expert knowledge of Bill, our head farmer, to design this model as a “fat pig” that demonstrates to other farmers the potential of value added capture. All this Intellectual Property will become available to COF.

We offer a promise of total transparency: any farmer-member who might like to “peer under the hood” of our demo/”fat pig” model is more than welcome to do so at any point in this process. We have a guest room for visitors and serve a fantastic lunch every day for our volunteers.

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